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November 17, 2020?

Subject:? Debit Card Scam Alert?

Greenfield Banking Company (GBC Bank) has been informed by customers that they received calls or text messages that appear to be coming from our Fraud Center. The caller states that they believe there has been some fraudulent transactions on the customers card & may give a sample of those transactions. When the customers say they did not do those transactions, they are told that they will need to order a new card and they will receive a text message to confirm the order. In some cases, the text received comes from 888-308-4626 and mentions a verification code to activate Samsung Pay for their card ending in XXXX (which may be the actual ending numbers on the customers card).?Please be diligent in questioning such claims. Contact your GBC Bank branch or our Main Office at 317-462-1431 to be sure.?

  • The bank will never call and ask for your card number or your PIN
  • Never click on any links received in an email or text message for something you did not initiate.

The best way to keep your account safe is to be diligent and take steps to protect your information. Your account security is extremely important to us and we need your help to keep your information safe!?

We will be updating this page as we receive information.

Main Office

1920 N State Street
Greenfield, IN 46140